A Comprehensive Compliance Solution for Small Businesses

Are you seeking compliance solutions without breaking the bank on legal fees? Termzy's compliance suite offers a cost-effective solution to help you stay compliant with privacy laws such as the GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, ePrivacy Regulation, and more at no charge.

Free Terms and Conditions Generator

The terms and conditions in a legal contract, also known as a legal agreement, establish the rights and duties of the parties involved. These terms are included in the contract in accordance with local, state, and federal contract laws. They provide vital guidelines that must be followed by all parties involved in the contract.

Free Terms of Service Generator

The terms of service, or ToS, is a document outlining the responsibilities of the service provider and the expected behavior of the user. If a user does not adhere to the rules outlined in the ToS, their access to the service may be terminated. Many websites and apps have their own terms of service available for users to review.

Free Privacy Policy Generator

To put it simply, a Privacy Policy is a document that tells you what type of information a company collects from its users and why. It also details the methods used to gather personal data, such as cookies, and how users can limit the data they share with the company. The definition of personal data may vary depending on the applicable laws, but generally, it refers to any data that can identify a specific individual.

Free Cookie Policy Generator

A legally binding document known as a cookies policy informs website or app users about the ways in which your company tracks data and maintains online privacy. These policies are implemented through the use of a digital file, known as a cookie, which is stored on devices and browsers and accessed whenever a website is revisited. The use of cookies allows companies to provide a superior web experience on all devices and mediums during multiple visits.

Free Refund & Return Policy Generator

Retailers have return policies to manage how customers can exchange or return unwanted merchandise. These policies outline the conditions under which returns are accepted, as well as the timeframe in which returns are allowed. For example, Apple has a strict 14-day return policy, while IKEA has a more generous 365-day policy. It is important for small businesses to have a return policy in place, just like major retailers do.

Free Disclaimer Generator

The primary function of a disclaimer is to limit certain aspects of a contract or legal rights or liabilities that a consumer, client, or customer might otherwise possess unless you explicitly exclude them. This way, consumers cannot claim that they were not made aware of these terms if they were prominently and clearly presented to them.

Free Shipping Policy Generator

A shipping policy outlines the rules and guidelines that an online retailer follows when fulfilling and delivering orders to customers. It typically includes information on available shipping speeds and costs for both domestic and international orders, as well as estimates for order processing times.





Eliminate legal concerns permanently

Eliminate the need for speculation when it comes to legal terminology. Quickly generate customized legal policies for your online business without incurring expensive attorney fees.

Worldwide coverage

Worldwide coverage

Our goal is to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations in every country by implementing the most stringent guidelines in each location. Simply let us know where your business operates and we will create a customized policy specifically for you.



If you do not follow the laws and regulations, you and your business may be exposed to liability. Our service can ensure that your policies are current and adhere to government, legal, and service requirements.

Accurate informations

Accurate informations

As the owner, only you can accurately describe your website, mobile app, business, and how you manage and operate them. Every legal policy that we generate is unique and crafted specifically using the information you provide in order to achieve the best possible outcomes.



The task of staying current with the numerous and constantly changing laws can be intimidating. Let us handle the hard work of informing you of updates so you can focus on running and improving your product and business.

Cost $0

Cost $0

Our policies, which were created by a lawyer, are completely free and can be used for any physical or digital activity. Feel confident using our platform and eliminate the need to hire a lawyer.

Edit, copy, paste

Edit, copy, paste

No downloads or installations are required. The termzy.io platform provides all the necessary tools and processes for generating a Policy document, which can then be easily copied and pasted onto your website.

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