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Begin completing the form with the required information.


2. Generate

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3. Copy

The text containing the Cookie Policy with your data is generated and ready to be copied.

Frequently asked questions

We will try to answer all questions in the easiest way possible

What is a cookie policy?

Small data files called cookies are placed on a user's computer or mobile device when they visit a website.
These cookies can be used to track the user's behavior, remember their preferences or settings, and enhance their overall experience on the site.

Why I need a cookie policy on my website?

If you utilize cookies and are bound by any laws that govern cookie usage (such as the EU cookie law, CCPA, GDPR, etc.), it is required that you disclose information about the cookies you use in a cookie policy or privacy policy.

Where should I display my cookie policy?

Make sure to keep your cookie policy easily accessible to your users.
By using our consent banner, a link to your policy will be automatically included.
You may also consider adding a link to a cookie preference center in the banner.

What should be included in my cookie policy?

Your cookie policy will include the following:
- An explanation of what cookies are;
- The purpose of using cookies on your website;
- Instructions for your users on how to manage their cookie preferences;
- A categorized list of all the cookies utilized on your website;
- Information on any other tracking technologies utilized on your website.

- The policy will be tailored to your website and will contain the necessary information on how and why cookies are utilized.

There is any cost for Cookie Policy?

Yes, it's free, but you can reward us with positive feedback if you're satisfied.

Will a cookie policy be automatically created for me?

Your cookie policy will be automatically generated once you have provided all the necessary details.
The system will then use this information to create your new cookie policy.

Is it legally required to have a cookie policy?

According to the GDPR and the EU Cookie Law, it is mandatory to disclose to users the use of cookies on your website. This information can either be included in your privacy policy or in a separate cookie policy.

Is a cookie policy necessary if I already have a privacy policy in place?

If your privacy policy includes all necessary cookie information, you may not need a separate cookie policy.
However, for clarity and compliance with cookie regulations, it may be advisable to have separate cookie and privacy policies.
Your privacy policy should also include essential privacy details.

A cookie policy popup or a cookie policy banner?

A cookie policy popup notifies users about your website's use of cookies when they access the site.
Under laws such as the GDPR and CCPA, you are obligated to inform your site visitors about your use of cookies.

When someone enters your website, a cookie policy banner will inform them about how you use cookies.
The banner may just be a notification or it could allow users to choose to either accept or decline certain types of cookies.

Include a link to your cookie policy in your banner or popup to allow site visitors to easily access the policy for further information.