Easy way to create a TOS


1. Edit

Begin completing the form with the required information.


2. Generate

After entering all the necessary data, press the ''generate'' button.


3. Copy

The text containing the TOS with your data is generated and ready to be copied.

Frequently asked questions

We will try to answer all questions in the easiest way possible.

What is a Terms of Service Agreement?

A Terms of Service agreement is a legally binding document that outlines the rules and guidelines that users or visitors must follow in order to use your website or app.
These rules and guidelines may include:
- Refraining from stealing your content and violating copyright laws;
- Avoiding spamming other users
- Prohibiting the use of your site for illegal activities.

Implementing and Enforcing Terms of Service Agreements

To ensure that your users comply with your legal agreements, utilize the clickwrap method to obtain their consent.
This method involves presenting users with a checkbox or button that clearly states that by checking or clicking, they are agreeing to the terms.
This action serves as their acceptance of the legal agreements.

Is it necessary for me to have a Terms of Service agreement?

While it is not legally required to have a Terms of Service agreement, it is highly advisable to have one as it offers numerous advantages for both you and your users.

Do a Terms of Service agreement, Terms and Conditions, and Terms of Use all refer to the same thing?

All of these agreements have the same goal. They just go by different names. You can choose which one to use.

What are the necessary clauses that should be included in every Terms of Service agreement?

Some of the essential clauses that should be present in every Terms of Service agreement include:
- User guidelines that outline the rules and restrictions on the use of the service;
- A clause that gives the service provider the right to terminate abusive accounts;
- A clause that explains how users can terminate their accounts;
- A disclaimer of warranty to limit the service provider's liability;
- A limitation of liability clause to specify the extent of the service provider's liability;
- A clause that specifies the governing law for legal disputes;
- Contact information for the service provider;
- A clause that covers intellectual property and copyrights.

Where should I display my Terms of Service agreement?

It is recommended to include a link to your Terms of Service agreement in the footer of your website as this is a standard practice and people generally expect to find important information in this location.
Additionally, you should also include a link to your Terms of Service agreement in any area where users may need to be reminded of the terms.

Is it recommended to create a TOS document for a e-commerce website?

The Terms of Service on e-commerce sites typically includes information about the conditions of sale, payment methods, shipping and delivery, returns and cancellations, and other relevant details required by consumer protection laws.
European businesses that sell goods or services to consumers must also include an Online Dispute Resolution statement outlining the mandatory process for resolving disputes online.